Changes to Navigation + New FAQ page!

If you're a member of our Patreon then you will have known that we have been working on a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) & tips page for a while + some other upcoming projects that will be rolled out shortly.

We are happy to announce that our FAQ is now live! We compiled a list of general questions in regards to visiting a café that we think you might have or have been asked before as well as some tips to help make your visit worry free. 

In addition to our new FAQ we have also made some changes to our main navigation. Before out navigation looked something like this: Homepage , full cafe list, upcoming cafes, ongoing cafes, past cafes, calendar, reviews, etc. and it was getting a bit cluttered so we changed it to put the different stages of cafés into a dropdown menu. Because we have more space in our main navigation now we also included an option for permanent themed cafes such as the permanent Pokémon café that opened earlier this year. 

We hope these changes help you! If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below.

Victoria C.Comment