Kirby Café Review [Tokyo - June 2019]



☆ Café we’re reviewing: Kirby Café (カービィカフェ)

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☆ Our Main Article about the café: Dango News Kirby Café Article

☆ Location we visited: Tokyo

☆ Date we visited the café: 6/26/19

☆ Reservation required?: Yes

☆ Price per person: ¥¥¥
Price Key: ¥ = 0 - 1,500 | ¥¥ = 1,500 - 2,500 | ¥¥¥ = 2,500 - 3,500 | ¥¥¥¥ = 3,500+
*Prices in JPY


Kirby Café (カービィカフェ) is a widely popular pop-up café featuring Nintendo’s Kirby that has been running in Tokyo, Japan at Tokyo Solamachi since September of 2018. This café has been extended in duration several times and a new location is opening up in Fukuoka this August. For this review we visited the Tokyo location on 6/26/19 so menu items we have tried may differ from when you visit or by location if you visit the new Fukuoka location!

The projected end date for the Tokyo location is 9/23/19 though this date can change at anytime since writing this review so please view the official collaboration webpage for the most accurate information!

The over-all theme of the café at the time of our visit was ‘summer’ which is well reflected in the atmosphere, photo spots, menu, and more!


The Kirby Café requires you to make an online reservation at least a day in advance. Without a reservation you may not be seated and same day reservations are not accepted online. Reservations get booked out a month in advance so we were having slight difficulties finding an opening on a day we could visit. Once we finally found a slot open on a date we could make our way to Tokyo (July 10th), it was instantly booked right under our nose! Not to be defeated we saw an open slot at a good time for the very next day from when we were trying to book our visit. Since we had no plans the following day we just went with it and prepared to spontaneously make our way to Tokyo the day after we booked our reservation.

The actual reserving process and the required form to be filled out was extremely simple and fast. Once the number of participants (limited to 4), a date and the time slot was selected, the rest was inputting a name, phone number, and email address. Those with their browser’s top language preference set to English need not worry, as the form pages’ necessary parts will be switched to it.


To make our visit interactive with our readers while we were en route to the café we asked twitter via poll to pick which main entree we should try out of 4 possible options. The menu item カービィバーガー&ミートパスタ温野菜のせ won the majority vote. We also asked on our Instagram via a poll which desert we should order and the menu item むてき!キャンディパフェ won the vote for Instagram.

You’ll read more about what we thought of these items below! Thanks to all who participated! The excitement made our 2hr train ride to Tokyo go by so quickly!

Arriving at Kirby Café

The cafe can be reached via the Asakusa Subway Line. Closest station is Oshiage Station (Skytree Station). Those with reservations must arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled time slot. Personal identification (driver’s license or passport, etc.) must be ready for staff to verify you.

This café is located near the famous Tokyo Skytree so if you’re willing to brave the heights for a good view of Tokyo you should also check it out. If not, have no worries since the café is located on the ground floor!

There is also a photo corner available immediately near the entrance for those that would like a commemoration shot taken so take advantage!

Atmosphere of Kirby Café

Excellent effort was given to the cafe interior, staying true to the comfy summer beach vacation aesthetics. The background music within the cafe were also piano/jazz arranged versions of notable tunes from the titular games. Everything right down to the utensils were Kirby themed.

Both the inside and outside of the building was heavily themed with all things Kirby. A true paradise for fans~

Dining at Kirby Café

All reservations will have a 75 minute time limit once seated. During that time, orders can be made as much as possible, but some items cannot be ordered if the remaining time is deemed not enough. Photography of the cafe is also allowed, as is visiting the goods corner during dining.

We definitely enjoyed the items chosen by our readers! The Kirby burger & meat pasta vegetable set (カービィバーガー&ミートパスタ温野菜のせ) was surprisingly ample, the fries crispy – all of it was piping hot. The bun was pink and embodied the cuteness that is Kirby. For desserts, the winner was the Candy Parfait (むてき!キャンディパフェ), but because Kirby’s Soft Strawberry Mousse (カービィのふんわりいちごムース) looked so adorable, we couldn’t help but order both. The parfait was a ice cream parfait with flavors varying by layer, and the mousse went wonderfully well with the mango sauce and whipped cream that accompanied it on the dish. However both the burger and the mousse were way too adorable to dig into. We couldn’t help but feel guilty somehow.

As for price we will say that this café is a bit on the pricy side for a collaboration café. For 1 entree, 2 desserts, and no collaboration drink we spent roughly ¥4,600 which is about $42USD. The food was all very well made, fresh, and the whole experience was very well designed showcasing Kirby.

Depending on the items ordered, you will receive a jar, bowl, or a plate of the same size and design as the one you have ordered. At the end of your meal/s, a staff will bring back the plate cleaned, have you inspect the condition of the ware, and finally place in a box and a bag, ready for you to take home. Since we had the Kirby Burger, we got to keep the large plate that came with it!

Final Thoughts

If you are a Nintendo person, and/or a big Kirby fan, or if you just like themed cafes with cute things, this is a must go collaboration. The only hangups would be the high-popularity leading to very low number of openings and the 75-minute time limit which was more than enough for us, but those that are slow-eaters or some that prefer to really bask in the atmosphere of the cafe may have a lingering sensation in the back of their mind. These are par for the course for a limited-time a collaboration this popular though.

We would highly recommend trying to make a reservation for this café if you find yourself in Tokyo or Fukuoka in the near future!

Another note worth mentioning is the merchandise at the shop corner. Dinnerwares exactly the same as the ones used in the cafe can be purchased, and anything from the shirts to the bags available seemed to be of the higher-quality material. We decided to get two metal badges that were embroidered.

This review is not sponsored. We want to be able to professionally but honestly write about our experiences as fans and foodies so please understand. If you have any comments/questions/concerns about a café you are interested in visiting please leave us a comment below and we will try to help you.

All images of the café taken by us such as images of the food, decor, order benefits are copyright of Dango News.