Enoshima's Japanese Tea House Hello Kitty Saryo Café Review [2018]

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Welcome back to another installment of Dango News' cafe reviews, an irregular editorial series where we choose a cafe of our interest and detail our experiences with them! 

This time we decided to do something a little different and visited Japanese Tea House Hello Kitty Saryo (はろうきてぃ茶寮) which is a permanent café open all year themed to Hello Kitty. This café & shop has two locations in Japan located in Kyoto (京都二寧坂) & Enoshima (江ノ島). We visited the Enoshima location for this review and visited on May 23, 2018 so some things may have changed since the time of our initial visit.

About Enoshima & surrounding areas:

Enoshima is an Island located about an hour and a half train ride from Tokyo which is often paired with nearby Kamakura and makes a great 1-2 day trip from the busy sights of Tokyo for travelers. Kamakura is famous for their many shrines & temples. One of their most notable ones is the Kōtoku-in Temple (高徳院) which has the "Great Buddha" statue Daibutsu (大仏). Enoshima is famous for the Iwaya Caves, Okutsumiya Shrine, & more. The area is also famous for having beaches in close proximity to Tokyo. On clear days you can see Mt. Fuji from Enoshima's bridge and other parts around the island. Both Enoshima and Kamakura have a very historic feel all throughout. If you're planning a trip to Japan/Tokyo we highly reccomend you considering this area for a day trip from Tokyo. It's even possible to pair it with popular onsen/ryokan hotspot: Hakone. Though you might need about 3-4 days to do Enoshima, Kamakura, and Hakone comfortably.

About Hello Kitty Saryo - Enoshima:

Hello Kitty Saryo Storefront - Enoshima Location Image Source: ©Dango News

Hello Kitty Saryo Storefront - Enoshima Location
Image Source: ©Dango News

Hello Kitty Saryo was located towards the front of the island which is easily accessible to all visitors. Something to note is that most of the island where Okutsumiya Shrine and Iwaya Caves are located is mostly inaccessible to those with mobility devices such as wheelchairs or scooters however to visit the cafe it is fine and the building even has an elevator lift to the second floor where the café is located. The gift shop is located on the first floor and features a lot of Hello Kitty souvenirs as well as location exclusive merchandise you can't buy anywhere else.

Both inside and outside of the café is themed heavily to Hello Kitty from large to small details. There is also an additional sea-life/beach themed motifs used to tie in with with Enoshima's local surroundings. There are many photo-op's offered for fans to have their photos taken to commemorate their visit. Outside of the café there are Hello Kitty & Daniel statues to take your photo next to. This photo-op is open to anyone passing by so you don't need to eat at the café to snap a picture. Inside the café there are a couple of life-size Hello Kitty plush that can sit with you while you eat and take photos with. Numbers are limited so you may have to share her with a few other diners. There are also special headbands that a shop keeper will bring to your table to add flavor to the photo-op. 

When we visited it was early in the day and we were one of the only diners for a while so we got to sit with Hello Kitty for a while. The staff was very friendly in providing excellent customer service. She was very attentive of us and helped take our photos for us with the life-size plush and gave us the headbands to wear. Once more customers started pouring in she remained attentive to us as well as providing the same quality service to other tables making sure each table had a great photo opportunity. One of the highlights to this café was in fact the great customer service.

Thoughts about the food & menu:

The menu itself was quite wide and diverse. Since Enoshima is considered to be a coastal area most local places offer seafood dishes on their menu and Hello Kitty Saryo is no different in trying to tie in the local feel to it's location & menu. However if you're not a fan of seafood have no fear as there non-seafood items available as well as a wide selection of desserts!

The dishes were very well plated & presented to make great photo opportunities on their own. Despite looking too cute to eat everything we ordered were all very tasty. For this visit we tried the following menu items: 

  • Rainbow Stroll Cake Plate (はろうきてぃ 虹のおさんぽケーキプレート ): A cake plate consisting of three different cakes using strawberries and apples as the main ingredient, garnished with a pretty rainbow marshmallow. 
  • Black Sesame Seed Chiffon Cake (はろうきてぃ 黒ごまシフォンケーキ): Chiffon cake with black sesame seed included in its batter
  • Omotenashi Maccha Latte [Hot/Iced] (はろうきてぃ おもてなし抹茶ラテ [ホット/アイス]): Signature item of the Hello Kitty Saryo, it's a maccha green tea latte garnished with a marshmallow Kitty floating in the drink. Can be ordered hot or iced. We ordered it hot as it was a slightly chilled rainy day.

Final Thoughts:

Overall we really enjoyed our experience visiting Japanese Tea House Hello Kitty Saryo's Enoshima location and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area who are interested in Hello Kitty or sweets. This location not an authentic tea house with a tea ceremony if that's what you're expecting but there is a maccha/green tea vibe throughout the menu and gift shop offerings. It's a perfect destination for adults and kids alike especially Sanrio fans. We enjoyed sightseeing around Enoshima and Kamakura as well so if you're looking for a day-trip from Tokyo give Enoshima & Kamakura a try. For details on how to visit this café or information about the Kyoto location visit either the Official Website [Japanese Only] or refer to our original article about this café in English. 

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