Itsuki Yu Café Review [Spring 2018]

 Our original article on this café: Click Here 

Welcome back to another installment of Dango News' cafe reviews, an irregular editorial series where we choose a cafe of our interest and detail our experiences with them! 

Tokyo Menu- Image Source:  itsukiyu_cafe (on Twitter)

This time we re-visited a café held in collaboration with Itsuki Yu (いつきゆう) who is a Japanese artist/illustrator who usually submits their art to a Japanese art site called Pixiv and to the LINE creators store for the mobile social media app that is widely used in Japan. We have previously visited their café held during summer/fall of 2017. Our review of last years café can be found here.

When we visited this café we visited the Tokyo location that was open in Jiyugaoka between 4/28 ~ 6/03, 2018 at a shop called &1F but there were also locations in Osaka & Nagoya. This years location in Jiyugaoka was located just down the street from last years location so it was easy to get to and not far from the station. 

Outside there was a little pop-up shop sponsored by Village Vanguard selling Itsuki Yu's merchandise. Anyone could purchase from the shop without visiting the café. Inside of the café there was a bit of a rustic hipster type vibe with a bit of Itsuki's works/merchandise displayed around. 

For the menu we ordered every food & drink item except for the hot latte (ホットラテ). In total we ordered 6 items. All items were great. They were presented nicely and some even came on themed plates & cups that were also sold in the shop outside. Our personal favorites were the mug parfait (マグカップパフェ) with berries & the hot sandwich (ホットサンド). We also added an extra ¥1,000 to our order (¥500 per person) to receive 2 special keychains.

As a benefit for eating at this café we receive 2 original luncheon mats for dining in: one mat per person. Since we ordered two drinks we also received two coasters with an original design on the front and on the back our coasters featured an exclusive drawing + autograph by Itsuki Yu as part of a limited time autograph session.

Over-all this café collaboration is always a must-visit for us at Dango News since we've always been a fan of Itsuki's works. The food and artwork is always good. All pictures of the café such as the photos of the decor, food, and order benefits are taken by Dango News.

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All images of the café taken by us such as images of the food, decor, order benefits are copyright of Dango News.