Itsuki Yu ☆Alice Café☆ Review


Itsuki Yu Alice Cafe Review

By: Dango News

Itsuki Yu is an illustrator on the popular Japanese art sharing site PIXIV. We've been fans of their work and when we found out that there would be a collaborative café based off of their Alice publication back during summer of 2017 we just had to go!  

As such we've taken a trip over to visit this tea time experience at the off,cafe in Jiyugaoka, Meguro where the collaboration was held.

There were two desserts and two drinks you could order. You could order them alone at a base price or pay a little more for a acrylic keychain to come with them. The prices were between ¥700-¥1,700. Original designed coasters were provided with the drinks, and luncheon mats came with the dessert orders.

We ended up ordering all four items offered on the menu which consisted of tea, iced latte, strawberry rolled sponge cakes, & pancakes. Each of the menu save for the strawberry rolled cakes (which came with a cute, small toothpick flag of Alice instead) included a design or printing of some sort on the items themselves which almost made them too precious to be eaten. Personally the strawberry cakes were my favorite thing on the menu. 

After trying everything and buying some merchandise we headed on our way. Below are the pictures from the café. 

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