No Game No Life: Zero Collaboration Café Review


No Game No Life -Zero- Café Review by: Dango News

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Copyright:  Dango News

Copyright: Dango News

This time, we will be covering the Ikebukuro branch of the NGNL: Zero collab café. We previously posted the news and information about this café HERE. It lasts from February until April of 2018. 

Making way to the location was simple enough, as it only took a ride on JR's Yamanote Line to Ikebukuro Station. Finding the place once outside of the station however, wasn't that difficult to find, provided one was used to the usual crowd-maneuvering of cities, and had their eyes peeled for signs. Though, the place was out of the way enough to necessitate a attentive look for the entrance into the location.

Once the elevator opened to the sixth floor, life-size cutouts of Riku and Shuvi Dola were there to greet us, with the the next turn revealing a whole mini-store of various anime-related merch, and a separate part of the room dedicated to another different collaboration café, albeit with lesser tables. After letting one of the staff know we were there for the NGNL one, we chose a table and got to taking in the surroundings. The system they had for ordering was to head to the register with what you wanted in mind, and ordering them after stating your table number. Pretty simple stuff. The coasters that were supposed to be included with each order of a single item on the menu weren't in supply yet, and the staff informed us that we could pick them up at a later date after they've come in. The announcement of their availability will be made on Princess Cafe's official Twitter account. For the time being, the staff noted on the back of the order's receipt of the amount that could be received, effectively becoming a voucher.

The interior of the café was on the simple side, with characters and posters adorning the surrounding walls, a single flatscreen replaying the variations of NGNL: Zero's trailer on loop, and on the tables themselves (outside of the card detailing rules of the cafe and another being the menu) were specially designed mats with the show's characters on them along with pop-up decorations near the small stack of coasters.

Prices on the menu ranged from ¥1,100 to ¥600, tax excluded. The two items we decided on was Shuvi's Omurice and Sora and Shiro "Kuuhaku (Blank)" Drink. The omurice was rather wholesome and surprisingly large in serving. The rice with chunks of chicken inside were blanketed by a decently fluffy sheet of eggs, itself also designed into what seemed like a cute crab-like design with ketchup and peas. On top was a assortment of sautéed vegetables with a dollop of mayonnaise off to the side, and on bottom was mesclun salad drenched in ranch. The vegetables on top went wonderfully with the omurice (of which, there was a moment of hesitation digging into, considering how cute it was), but the salad below was a little bit odd of a combination, but it possibly might have been less semi-awkward had that been finished off before the rest of the dish.

The Blank Drink was refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness to enjoy. It was more or less an almost-parfait all-age cocktail with non-alcoholic blue curaçao, blue Jell-O, and whitewater (which is basically similar to Calpis, only thinner and more sweeter), topped with whipped cream, and garnished with pink-colored sugar, a small thing of mint herbs, and the siblings Sora and Shiro themselves printed on wafer chips. Just by looks alone, this drink was the perfect representation of the close-knit, never apart brother-and-sister duo that only came closer as the drink was being depleted, with the white of Shiro and the blue of Sora melding into a dreamy color like skies on a summer day. As the drink was being mostly finished off however, the blue Jell-O was harder and harder to get to, with the chunks of the ice getting in the way of slurping them up via straw. It was good enough that as I'm typing this, I feel compelled to try it again soon before the collaboration ends. Perhaps I'll do so as I return to pick up the coasters.

As I made my way out of the café, I decided to pick up a couple of acrylic keychain charms, and a reversible rubber charm from the shop, having enjoyed the visit.

I'm looking forward to coming back soon!