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Leo Lionni Café [April 3 - July 31, 2019]

Leo Lionni (レオ・レオニ) is an author and illustrator of children’s books most notable for the book Swimmy (スイミー).

For a limited time the Leo Lionni pop-up café (レオ・レオニ カフェ) will be held in Giza, Tokyo with restaurant called Sunday Brunch from 4/3/19 - 7/31/19.

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Howacoloclub (ほわころくらぶ) Café ‏[September 29 - October 17, 2018]

Hawaii Club (ほわころくらぶ) or HOWACOLOCLUB is a Japanese illustrative comic series and more.

This collaboration will be held with Collaboration Café Harajuku Takeshita Street for a limited time between 9/29/18 - 10/17/18.

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Makita Café [April 1 - May 6, 2018]

Japanese artist/illustrator Makita (まき田) will be holding their 3rd collaboration café! This collaboration will be held limited time at Carino Orso (カリーノオルソ) Nagoya from April 1 - May 6, 2018. You can currently purchase their illustration book titled まき田作品集 きみとおはなし ~ありきたりで特別な言葉~. There will be autograph signing events as well as portrait drawing events! 

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Nekopen Biyori Café [March 29 - May 6, 2018]

Returning this March for a limited time is the Nekopen collaboration cafe titled 'Nekopen Biyori' or 'Nekopen Days'. Nekopen illustrations originally made its debut as a LINE stamp set by artist [mojiji] and became popular enough to have a returning café held with OMOTESANDO BOX CAFE & SPACE.  

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