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Sailor Moon Cafe 2019 'Girls Night Out' [October 2019 - January 2020]

Popular magical girl series Sailor Moon (セーラームーン) known around the world is celebrating 25 it’s year anniversary this year. In commemoration there will be a special limited time pop-up cafe called Sailor Moon Cafe 2019 ‘Girls Night Out’ (セーラームーンカフェ2019 「Girls Night Out」) held in 6 cities across Japan on select dates between October 2019 & January 2020.

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO- Show Restaurant [Permanent]

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン) also known as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga and anime TV series from the 90’s that is well known around the world.

Opening in Azabu-Jūban, Tokyo, Japan on August 15, 2019 is a brand new permanent cafe/restaurant & live dinner show! This restaurant will be called Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon -SHINING MOON TOKYO- (美少女戦士セーラームーン -SHINING MOON TOKYO-). Even the location of the restaurant has significance being the neighborhood that Sailor Moon lived in for the series.

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Sailor Moon x My Melody 'Candy Parlor' [February - June 25, 2018]

A dual collaboration between "Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon" and Sanrio's "My Melody" presented by THE GUEST cafe & diner. This limited-time café has several locations throughout Japan each with a different event period lasting sometime between February 17 ~ June 25, 2018. This cute café is sure to be a real sweet treat! 

(UPDATE as of 05/03/18): Due to popularity of the café a Fukuoka location has been added that extends this cafés duration from 5/21 to 6/25!

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