Persona 5: The Royal Cafe [November 2 - December 1, 2019]


☆ Collaboration Webpage:

☆ Official Persona 5 Royal Webpage:

☆ Advance Reservations?: Yes

☆ Reservation/Visiting Fees: None 

☆ Location(s): Tokyo (Akihabara)

☆ Overview: 

Persona 5: The Royal is the enhanced version of Persona 5 that will be releasing on the PS4 in Japan on 10/31/19. To celebrate the release of this game there will be a special limited-time collaboration cafe held with Sega Cafe (セガコラボカフェ) in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan from 11/2/19 - 12/1/19.

This cafe will feature a themed menu, exclusive goods only sold here, a birthday campaign, free souvenirs to take home and more.

To visit this cafe you’ll need to apply for a reservation via their lottery system which we explain more in detail below or through their first-come-first-serve reservation system also detailed below. Without a reservation you may not be seated, seating will be at the discretion of the staff.


The cafe menu will change depending on when you visit this cafe so please be advised on which menu will be offered on your intended visiting date.

Part 1 menu: 11/2 - 11/15 | Part 2 menu: 11/16 - 12/1

☆ Café Novelty Items:

Novelty items are essentially gifts/souvenirs given to you by the café as a reward for either visiting the café, ordering a certain menu item, or spending (x) amount of cash. Novelty items will only be handed out while supplies last.

Customers who order from the collaboration menu will receive an original coaster (1 out of 15 designs) per order. The designs on the coaster change depending on when you visit. Please refer to the menus above for the time frames.

Customers who visit the cafe OR shop on 11/12/19 will receive a special birthday card in celebration of Anne Takamaki's birthday. One birthday card will be handed out to each customer while supplies last.

☆ Cafe Exclusive Goods: 

Even non-cafe users are able to purchase goods. You cannot purchase goods while entering the café, please wait until the end.

☆ Reservation Details:

This café uses a lottery system for advance reservations. The lottery system is the chance to make a reservation but your reservation may not be approved if the date & times you pick are highly sought after thus giving everyone an equal opportunity to reserve for that time-frame. If you don’t get approved for your reservation you will have to try again during the next period or try to make a first-come-first-serve reservation which consists of unfilled spots & cancelled reservations. If the cafe is booked, no first-come reservations will be available.

To make a reservation via lottery you will have to create an account. This requires your name, email, & phone number. We created an account as a test; the system accepts romaji names & foreign phone numbers so tourists should have no difficulty making an account with this system with the help of a page translation service of their choice. Sega Cafe does emphasize that they check your ID upon arrival so please be sure you write your name AS SEEN on your ID/passport. Don’t put your name in katakana down if there is no katakana on your ID. First-come reservations only need your name & email and don’t require an account.

Below is the chart for the visiting period (ご来店日), Application period (抽選予約受付期間), and winning announcements/reservation confirmation (当選発表).

An example of how to read this chart: Say you are in Japan and you want to visit this cafe on 11/11/19. This will be next to part 2 (第2期) which is from 11/9 - 11/15 under (ご来店日). The time period to submit your lottery reservation for 11/11 is under (抽選予約受付期間) with the dates being 10/30 - 11/3. You will need to visit the reservation page during the dates of 10/30 - 11/3 to make your lottery reservation for 11/11. Winners will be announced on 11/4 - 11/5. If you won, you’ll be able to confirm your reservation. If you don’t win you’ll have to try to find open spots under first-come or to try again in parts 3 or 4.

When to apply for first come first serve?: If you didn’t get the time you wanted on 11/11, first-come opens up at 10:00JST on 11/9. Be sure to check and if there are any openings you’ll be able to book them up until the day before your visit. You will not be able to book same-day reservations.

The cafe lets you make a reservation for up to 4 people. Please be sure you select the correct number of people joining.

Reservation for 1, 2, or 3-4 people

Reservation for 1, 2, or 3-4 people

  • Reservations are accepted from 10:00AM JST on first day of lottery acceptance period until 23:59 of the last day of lottery period.

  • Each reservation allows for 90 minutes to enjoy the cafe

  • Do not make reservations for multiple slots on the same day. After your first visit you will be refrained from visiting again the same day.

  • The name on your reservation needs to match your ID (drivers license, passport).

  • First-come-first-serve reservations will be accepted from 10:00 on the first day of reception period (Either 11/2, 11/9/ 11/16, or 11/23) until 23:59 the day before your intended visit.

☆ Location(s) & Periods: 


This collaboration will be held at 1 location(s) around Japan. Please be sure to verify the date, time, location, and reservation status of the café closest to you before visiting as these details may differ from location!

SEGA Akihabara Building #4
 Address: セガ秋葉原 4号館 5F 東京都千代田区外神田1−15−9
 Period: 11/2/19 ~ 12/1/19
 Hours: 10: 00 ~ 22: 00

(Please be mindful that there are many Sega buildings in Akihabara so please be sure you find the correct one)

Disclaimer: Dates, times, locations, café rules & other information involving limited time cafés and menu items are subject to change at anytime. Please carefully review the cafés website for the most up to date information before visiting! Dango News is not affiliated with or sponsored by this café. All copyright belongs to the respective owners.

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