Bungo Stray Dogs Café [March 22 - May 31, 2019]



☆ Collaboration Webpage: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/collaboration/2019/03/7910/

☆ Official Webpage: http://bungo-stray-dogs.jp/

☆ Advance Reservations?: Accepted via Sweets Paradise app found in Apple Store & Google Play: http://www.sweets-paradise.jp/app/

☆ Reservation/Visiting Fees: ¥1,500/per person - Buffet Fee

☆ Location(s): Ikebukuro (Tokyo), Shijō Kawaramachi (Kyoto), Hiroshima, Umeda (Osaka), Nagoya, & Fukuoka.

☆ Overview: 

Bungo Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス) will be having a limited-time collaboration café with Sweets Paradise. The collaboration will be held with multiple Sweets Paradise shops for a limited time on various dates between 3/22/19 - 5/31/19. Collaboration dates will vary from store to store so be sure to double check the dates before visiting.

A specially designed menu, original goods, and more will be available for fans to enjoy for a limited time! Goods shop will only be available to be used by customers who order off of the collaboration menu.

Featuring limited edition cooking battle character designs! Each of the following 6 characters will specialize in a certain type of dish!

Atsushi Nakajima (中島敦) & Kyōka Izumi (泉鏡花) | Japanese food 
Osamu Dazai (太宰治) & Ranpo Edogawa (江戸川乱歩) | Western food 
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (芥川龍之介) & Chūya Nakahara (中原中也) | Chinese food

Sweets Paradise (スイーツパラダイス) is an all-you-can-eat sweets buffet. When visiting a sweets paradise collaboration location you will need to pay for the standard buffet fee which allows you to eat from their buffet which consists of the drink bar, gelato, & Häagen-Dazs for ¥1,500. To order from the collaboration menu is an additional charge. For food & desserts it’s ¥700 per order and collaboration drink items are ¥500 per order. You must pay the buffet fee in order to order from the collaboration food/dessert or drink menu.

It is possible to call in an advance reservation, visit the store ahead of time, or apply online via Sweets Paradise app available in Apple Store & Google Play. You may find the app in international app stores however the app is in Japanese. Generally a reservation is not needed to visit Sweets Paradise however if they are full at the time of visiting you will not be seated.


☆ Café Novelty Items:

Customers who visit a participating Sweets Paradise location and order off of the Bungo Stray Dogs collaboration menu will receive a special novelty luncheon mat per person while supplies last.

In addition to the luncheon mat customers will also receive an original coaster (1 out of 12 designs) at random per collaboration menu order. Coaster will be given out for both food and drink orders while supplies last.

Novelty Luncheon Mat & Coasters

Novelty Luncheon Mat & Coasters

Customers who spend ¥2,000+ on exclusive goods/merchandise at the shop will receive an original postcard (1 of 6 designs at random). Food & drink purchases are not eligible to count towards the postcard benefit. Goods purchases only! Purchases must be made the same day as you claim your postcard reward.


☆ Cafe Exclusive Goods: 

Café exclusive goods are available for purchase by customers who order off of the Bungo Stray Dogs collaboration menu. Customers who visit a participating Sweets Paradise location and does not order off of the collaboration menu will not be eligible to purchase goods.

Customers who purchase up to ¥2,000 worth of goods will be eligible for an additional free postcard, please see above for more details.

Some goods may have a purchase limit and may be sold out at the time of your visit so please be advised.

☆ Location(s) & Periods: 

This collaboration will be held at 6 location(s) around Japan. Please be sure to verify the date, time, location, and reservation status of the café closest to you before visiting as these details may differ from location!

Sweets Paradise Ikebukuro Shop (スイーツパラダイス池袋店) - Tokyo
 Address: 東京都豊島区東池袋1-1-2 高村ビル5F
 Period: 3/22/19 ~ 4/24/19
 Hours: 11: 00~22: 00 (Weekday) 10: 30~22: 00 (Weekend)

Sweets Paradise Shijō Kawaramachi Shop (スイーツパラダイス四条河原町店) - Kyoto
 Address: 京都府京都市中京区米屋町392(河原町通四条上ル) コトクロス阪急河原町6F
 Period: 3/22/19 ~ 4/21/19
 Hours: 10:30 〜 21:30

Sweets Paradise Hiroshima Parco Shop (スイーツパラダイス広島パルコ店)
 Address: 広島市中区本通10-1 広島パルコ本館B1
 Period: 3/22/19 ~ 4/10/19
 Hours: 10:00〜20:30

Sweets Paradise Umeda Shop (スイーツパラダイス梅田店) - Osaka
 Address: 大阪府大阪市北区角田町5-1梅田楽天地ビル2F
 Period: 5/03/19 ~ 5/31/19
 Hours: 10: 30~21: 30 (Weekday) 10: 00~21: 30 (Weekend)

Sweets Paradise Nagoya Spiral Towers Shop (スイーツパラダイス名古屋スパイラルタワーズ店)
 Address: 愛知県名古屋市中村区名駅4-27-1 モード学園スパイラルタワーズB1
 Period: 5/03/19 ~ 5/31/19
 Hours: 10:30〜21:30 (Weekends/Holiday 10:00〜)

Sweets Paradise Fukuoka Parco Shop (スイーツパラダイス福岡パルコ店)
 Address: 福岡県福岡市中央区天神2-11-1 福岡パルコ本館6階
 Period: 5/03/19 ~ 5/31/19
 Hours: 10:00〜20:30

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