BT21 Anniversary Café [March 2 - April 21, 2019]



☆ Collaboration Webpage:

☆ Official BT21 Webpage: English日本語한국어

☆ Official LINE FRIENDS Webpage: English日本語한국어

☆ Looking for the previous BT21 Café Article (7/20/18 - 1/14/19)?: Click Here

☆ Advance Reservations Required?: Yes

☆ Reservation/Visiting Fees: ¥650/per person + tax
Need help making a reservation? View our guide!

☆ Location(s): Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido

☆ Overview: 

BT21 is a collaboration between popular K-pop group BTS and LINE FRIENDS. Line is a popular social media app in SE Asia and LINE FRIENDS is their own unique character brand.

This limited-time collaboration pop-up café called BT21 Café (BT21カフェ) will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of BT21 in Japan. It will be held in 4 locations: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hokkaido on various dates between 3/2 - 4/21 so please be sure to double check the dates of the intended location you plan to visit. More dates & locations may be announced in the future so please keep checking back for the latest information!

Some new and old menu items from the previous café will be available for fans to enjoy as well as a whole new character concept design for the novelty gifts. Exclusive café goods & merchandise will be available for purchase by café users only. If you are not able to eat at the café you may not be able to purchase from the shop.

This café will accept advance reservations online for all 4 locations. Advance reservations are ¥650/per person + tax and must be made at least 3 days before your intended visit if space is available. We recommend making your reservation as soon as possible as the previous BT21 café filled up quickly. Without a reservation walk-up seating is possible but not guaranteed. Staff may not allow you to wait around all day for an opening/cancellation as it causes a disturbance to foot traffic in the area. We made a guide to making a reservation under the reservation system the café utilizes. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, comment on the guide page, or contact us directly.

Customers who reserve in advance will receive an original sticker! More details below under ‘novelty items’.


This café usually uses a ‘write in’ order system where you mark on a piece of paper what you want to order. English menu & pictures may not be available so we recommend getting familiar with the names of the dishes you wish to order in advance and matching what you see here to the order sheet.

  1. RJのクロックムッシュ ¥ 1,490(税抜)

  2. CHIMMYのエッグサンド ¥ 1,590(税抜)

  3. COOKYのアボカドオープンサンド ¥ 1,490(税抜)

  4. TATAのサラダピザ ¥ 1,490(税抜)

  5. KOYAのパンケーキ ¥ 1,390(税抜)

  6. SHOOKYのチョコバナナパフェ ¥ 1,390(税抜)

  7. MANGのハニーバタートースト ¥ 1,490(税抜)

  8. VANのフレンチトースト ¥ 1,590(税抜)

  9. 【ICE】BT21ドリンク(全8種)

  10. 【HOT】BT21ドリンク(全8種)

☆ Café Novelty Items:

Those who advance reserve (¥650 per person + tax) will receive an original sticker (1 out of 8 designs) at random once they arrive. Advance reservation benefit is only for customers who reserve in advance. Customers who manage to visit the café without a reservation will not be eligible for this benefit.

Sticker Advance Reservation Benefit

Sticker Advance Reservation Benefit

Customers who order a BT21 collaboration drink will receive an original coaster (1 out of 8 designs) at random per drink order while supplies last.

Coaster Drink Order benefit

Coaster Drink Order benefit

☆ Cafe Exclusive Goods: 

Goods are only eligible to be purchased by café users and some items may be sold out early.

☆ Location(s) & Periods: 

This collaboration will be held at 4 location(s) around Japan. Please be sure to verify the date, time, location, and reservation status of the café closest to you before visiting as these details may differ from location!

 Address: 愛知県名古屋市中区栄3-32-6 ビーカム栄4F
 Period: 3/2/19 ~ 4/21/19
 Hours: 10: 00 ~ 19: 40
Reservation schedule: Click Here
◯ = Open seats available | △ = Few Seats Remaining | X = Sold Out

 Address: 530-0013 大阪府大阪市北区茶屋町10-12 NU chayamachi 6F
 Period: 3/7/19 ~ 4/14/19
 Hours: 11: 20 ~ 20: 30
Reservation schedule: Click Here
◯ = Open seats available | △ = Few Seats Remaining | X = Sold Out

 Address: 愛知県名古屋市中区 栄 3-6-1 ラシックB1階
 Period: 3/8/19 ~ 3/26/19
 Hours: 11: 10 ~ 19: 20
Reservation schedule: Click Here
◯ = Open seats available | △ = Few Seats Remaining | X = Sold Out

TOWER RECORDS CAFE 札幌ピヴォ店 - Hokkaido/Sapporo
 Address: 北海道札幌市中央区南2条西4丁目ピヴォ 5F
 Period: 3/12/19 ~ 4/14/19
 Hours: 10: 30 ~ 18: 30
Reservation schedule: Click Here
◯ = Open seats available | △ = Few Seats Remaining | X = Sold Out

Disclaimer: Dates, times, locations, café rules & other information involving limited time cafés and menu items are subject to change at anytime. Please carefully review the cafés website for the most up to date information before visiting! Dango News is not affiliated with or sponsored by this café. All copyright belongs to the respective owners.

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