Hello Kitty x Denny's 'Strawberry Fair' Menu [January 15 - March 11, 2019]

デニーズとハローキティの45周年を記念してコラボキャンペーンを実施! デニーズ公式キャラクター「デニャーズ」とハローキティの出会いをご紹介♪ 一緒に苺デザートを盛り上げます!


☆ Denny’s Collaboration Webpage: Click Here

☆ Advance Reservations Required?: No

☆ Reservation/Visiting Fees: None 

☆ Overview: 

Hello Kitty (ハローキティ) is a popular Japanese character created by the company Sanrio. In celebration of her 45th anniversary there will be a limited-time collaboration menu with Denny’s called ‘Denny’s x Hello Kitty Strawberry Fair’ (デニーズ×ハローキティの苺フェア) taking place in Japan from 1/15/19 - 3/11/19.

For theming Denny’s choose to go by ‘Dennya’s‘ in promotional art. Denny’s is an American chain family restaurant found all across Japan. Not every Denny’s location may feature the fair menu so please refer to the shop list below to find the location closest to you.

The Hello Kitty Strawberry Fair at Denny’s will consist of many strawberry desserts, drinks & more! Perfect for strawberry lovers and Hello Kitty fans! Since Denny’s is a family restaurant you do not need a reservation to visit. Just find a shop that will carry the special strawberry fair menu and enjoy!

A special SNS lottery campaign will be available on Twitter & Instagram! If you share pictures of your meal and tag them with #いちご and #デニーズ you can be entered into the lottery to receive a meal voucher ticket for ¥2,000 to Denny’s. Only 50 winners will be given this prize. They will contact you via private messaging if you won the lottery.

*May require Japanese residency or Japanese speaking/reading abilities to claim if won.


☆ Café Novelty Items:


☆ Location(s) & Periods: 

This collaboration will be held at multiple location(s) around Japan. Please be sure to verify the date, time, location, and reservation status of the café closest to you before visiting as these details may differ from location!

福島県: 会津花春店/郡山西ノ内店

茨城県: 日立成沢店/竜ヶ崎藤が丘店

栃木県: 宇都宮元今泉店/足利芳町店

埼玉県: 加須店/鶴ヶ島店/東越谷店/朝霞台店/上福岡店

千葉県: 君津店/姉ヶ崎店/千葉富士見店/千葉桜木町店/鎌ヶ谷初富店/船橋馬込沢店/船橋二和店/市川店/二十世紀ヶ丘店/松戸日暮店

東京都: 本一色店/奥戸店/清澄店/駒込駅前店/亀有駅前店/赤羽駅前店/池袋東口店/池袋駅前店/中村橋店/飯田橋店/新宿山吹町店/西新宿店/新宿中央公園店/南平台店/勝どき店/秋葉原中央口店/成城店/調布店/大森中店/大井町駅前店/多摩貝取店/小平小川町店/国分寺駅前店/西八王子駅前店/南大沢店

神奈川県: 鶴見一国店/武蔵小杉店/新本牧店/前里町店/厚木店/横浜日野店/衣笠店/片瀬山店/二宮店/平塚中里店

山梨県: 甲府北店/甲府中央店

長野県: 塩尻店/長野東和田店/上田店/あづみの店/下諏訪店

岐阜県: 岐阜長良店

静岡県: 清水インター店/藤枝店/御殿場店/三島北店/浜松菅原町店

愛知県: 東岡崎店/半田店/大府店/守山店/日進梅森店/小田井店/津島店/浄心店


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