Makita Café [April 1 - May 6, 2018]



Original Source for the portrait drawing event for our Japanese viewers! ^_^

Original Source for the portrait drawing event for our Japanese viewers! ^_^


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☆ About: 
Japanese artist/illustrator Makita (まき田) will be holding their 3rd collaboration café! You can currently purchase their illustration book titled まき田作品集 きみとおはなし ~ありきたりで特別な言葉~ on

On April 1, May 5 & 6 there will be a colored portrait event held where artist Makita will appear and do portraits for 20 people. The portrait drawing will start at 11:00 & 15:00. This event will be half phone reservation based (limit: 10 customers) and half raffle ticket based (limit: 10 customers). In order to be added into the raffle you will need to buy goods that are priced over ¥4,000 in total. raffle tickets will be passed out starting at 11:00 until they are all taken. 

On May 6 there will also be a postcard signing event held starting at 16:00 and limited to 50 customers. The postcards will have 2 variations 25 of each totaling to 50. Customers must goods totaling in price over ¥2,000 to obtain a postcards.

When ordering you will receive a free original luncheon mat with a food order and free coaster with a drink order. Some sets come with special stickers. If you add ¥500 yen to either your food or drink order you will receive a special acrylic keychain (2 designs). You will also receive a free postcard! 

☆ Location(s) & Periods: 
This collaboration has 1 location(s) around Japan. Please be sure to verify the date, time, location, and reservation status of the café closest to you before visiting as these may differ from location!

Carino Orso (カリーノオルソ) Nagoya
ENG Address: 3 - 31 - 3 Osu, Naka - ku Nagoya - shi 460-0011
JPN Address: 〒460-0011 名古屋市中区大須3丁目31番3号
Period: 4/01 ~ 5/06, 2018
Hours: 10: 00 ~ 22: 00

Disclaimer: Dates, times, locations, café rules & other information involving limited time cafés and menu items are subject to change at anytime. Please carefully review the cafés website for the most up to date information before visiting!

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Image Sources: Makita Twitter