Star Wars Identities the Exhibition [August 8, 2019 - January 13, 2020]

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☆ Event Type: Exhibition

☆ Location(s): Tokyo, Japan

☆ Entrance Fee:
Advance Tickets: [Adult] ¥3,200 [Child] ¥2,000
Door Tickets: [Adult] ¥3,500 [Child] ¥2,300

Star Wars ( スター・ウォーズ) is a classic American film series by LucasFilms with the first ever release in Japan being 41 years ago. This December Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (スター・ウォーズ スカイウォーカーの夜明け) is set to release as the final episode of the 9 part “Skywalker Saga”.

To pair with the release of Rise of Skywalker in Japan there is a Star Wars exhibition called ‘Star Wars Identities The Exhibition’ (スター・ウォーズ™ アイデンティティーズ:ザ・エキシビション). It will be held in Tokyo, Japan from 8/8/19 - 1/13/20.

During this event Star Wars fans will be able to enjoy some very unique exhibits and interactive experiences. You’ll be able to see the production process along with costumes and props used in the films. Many of these exhibits will go on to be a part of the LucasFilms Museum opening in Los Angeles, California in the future. Original artwork created just for this exhibit will also be displayed. It is said to be the largest interactive Star Wars museum in existence. A can’t miss experience for fans!

A goods/merchandise shop featuring original items only sold at this event will also be available for customers to purchase.

Please note if you reserve your ticket in advance online ( you will need to bring the actual live reservation on your phone with you. Print-outs or screenshots are not accepted as they use a digital scan/check-in system.

Customers will receive a special memorial card/souvenir type ticket for visiting. The design you will receive is based on the month (or day) you visit. If you visited in August you would have received Darth Vader, if you visit during November you’ll receive Yoda. If you visit on the dates of 4th, 14th, or 24th you will receive the design of Padme Amidala.


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Shop Hours: 10: 00 - 19: 00 [Last Entry: 18:30]
Event Holding Period: 8/8/19 - 1/13/20

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