SMTOWN LIVE 2019 in Tokyo Pop-Up Shop [July 25 - August 31, 2019]



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☆ Event Type: Pop-Up Shop

☆ Location(s): Tokyo, Japan

☆ Entrance Fee: None 

SMTOWN LIVE 2019 is a 3 day K-pop festival/concert held by S.M. Entertainment. The concert will be held at the Tokyo Dome on 8/3/19 - 8/5/19 with artists such as BoA, TVXQ!, Red Velvet, EXO, f(x), and more.

In commemoration of the concert there will be a limited-time pop-up shop held at Tree Villiage in Tokyo Skytree Town from 7/25/19 - 8/31/19. There will also be a pop-up café as well!

At the pop-up shop you’ll be able to purchase official exclusive goods not sold anywhere else. If you’re planning to attend SMTOWN LIVE 2019 in Tokyo or you wanted to but couldn’t snag tickets then be sure to stop by the Tokyo Skytree and check out the pop-up shop and pop-up café!


Due to popularity and making sure there is enough merchandise for everyone most items have a purchase limit of 3 of the same item per person. The exception is the pin badges which allows you to purchase up to 6. All prices are with tax included.

The tote bag and the hand fan will also be sold at the concert venue.

  • マスキングロールステッカー 1,000円(税込) - (Masking Tape Stickers)

  • ランダムピンバッジ(全9種)500円(税込) - (Pin Badges 9 types) - Blind bag/Mystery Bag

  • モバイルバッテリー(全9種) 各3,000円(税込) - (Mobile Battery 9 types)

  • マスキングテープ(全9種) 各600円(税込) - (Masking Tape 9 types)

  • ハンドミラー(全9種) 各2,000円(税込) - (Hand Mirror 9 types)

  • ミニポーチ(全9種) 各1,500円(税込) - (Mini Pouch 9 types)

  • ネックストラップ(全9種) 各1,300円(税込) - (Lanyard 9 types)

  • カラビナマグ(全9種) 各1,701円(税込) - (Carabiner Clip Mug 9 types)

  • トートバッグ(全9種) 各2,500円(税込) - (Tote Bag 9 types)

  • ハンディファン(全9種) 各3,500円(税込) - (Hand Fan 9 types)

☆ Campaign:

Customers who spend ¥3,000 or more (including tax) at the SMTOWN LIVE POPUP STORE will receive an original can badge (1 out of 9 designs) at random while supplies last. This reward must be redeemed at the time of purchase and is tied to a single receipt, you cannot combine receipts.

Purchase Benefit - Can Badges

Purchase Benefit - Can Badges



テレビ局公式ショップ ~ツリービレッジ~
Address: 東京ソラマチ・ウエストヤード 4階4番地
Shop Hours: 9: 00 - 21: 00
Event Holding Period: 7/25/19 - 8/31/19

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