Pompompurin Café Halloween Menu [October 1 - 31, 2019]


☆ Event Collaboration Webpage: http://pompom.createrestaurants.com/detail.php?id=899

☆ Event Type: Limited-Time Menu

☆ Location(s): Tokyo (Harajuku), Yokohama, Osaka (Umeda)

☆ Entrance Fee: None 

Pompompurin (ポムポムプリン) is a character created by the company Sanrio. Pompompurin Cafe (ポムポムプリンカフェ) is a permanent restaurant chain in Japan with 4 locations nationwide.

From 10/1/19 - 10/31/19 there will be a special limited-time Halloween themed menu available at 3 of the 4 stores (Tokyo, Yokohama, & Osaka).

Not all menu items will be available at each store. Some items will be exclusive to Yokohama only.

Customers will also be presented with special halloween novelty items for visiting.

☆ Limited-Time Menu:


☆ Novelty Items:

Customers who dine at the pompompurin cafe during their Halloween campaign and order food/drinks will receive an original lunch mat while supplies last. Customers who order a drink will receive an original coaster while supplies last.



Pompompurin Cafe Yokohama
Address: 横浜市西区南幸2-1-5 YOKOHAMA SOTETSU SQUARE
Shop Hours: 10: 00 - 21: 00
Event Holding Period: 10/1/19 - 10/31/19

Pompompurin Cafe Harajuku - Tokyo
Address: 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-7-1 CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU 3階
Shop Hours: 11: 00 - 21: 00
Event Holding Period: 10/1/19 - 10/31/19

Pompompurin Cafe Umeda - Osaka
Address: 大阪市北区芝田1-1-3 阪急三番街南館 地下2階
Shop Hours: [weekday] 11: 00 - 22: 00 [Weekends 10: 00 - 22: 00]
Event Holding Period: 10/1/19 - 10/31/19

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