Made in Abyss x 兎座LEPUS shop [January 18 - March 17, 2019]



☆ Event Collaboration Webpage: Click Here 

☆ Event Type: Collaboration baked goods & merchandise

☆ Location(s): Tokyo, Japan

☆ Entrance Fee’s: None 

Made in Abyss ( メイドインアビス) is a Japanese manga series with an anime and recent film adaptation that released in theaters in Japan with two parts. Part 1 released 1/4/2019 & Part 2 released 1/18/2019!

Shop ベーカリー兎座LEPUS情報 is a bakery in Tokyo Japan that features bunny shaped baked goods.

In commemoration a limited-time collaboration [メイドインアビス×兎座LEPUS 兎座ナナチ] will be held from 1/18/19 - 3/17/19. During this timeframe visitors can purchase special collaboration baked goods & merchandise from the bakery!

There will also be Made in Abyss x 兎座LEPUS collaboration merchandise sold at AMNIBUS STORE separate from the bakery. Both shops are nearby each other! It’s only about an 5-10 minute walk between both shops!

During this event there will also be a stamp rally for customers as an incentive to visit both shops!


Exclusive Made in Abyss collaboration baked goods & merchandise being sold at the bakery.

  1. ナナチのシュトーレン(ドライフルーツver.) ¥1,800

  2. ネリタンタンのお肉パン ¥200

  3. ナナチのクッキー(毛入り※)¥400

  4. ナナチのかっこいいサイン入りうさぎバンズ(毛入り※)¥250

  5. ネリタンタン(密集隊形)のちぎりパン ¥800

  6. 兎座ナナチ ウサギ食パン アクリルキーホルダー ノーマルver. ¥650

  7. 兎座ナナチ ウサギ食パン アクリルキーホルダー こんがりver. ¥650

  8. 兎座ナナチ ウサギ食パン アクリルキーホルダー サンドイッチver. ¥650


Exclusive Made in Abyss collaboration merchandise being sold with AMNIBUS STORE.


Stamp Rally Details

During the collaboration event a stamp rally will be held between 1/18 - 2/14! If you complete the stamp rally you will receive an original postcard!

  • If you purchase goods that equal ¥1,080(tax incl.) at either AMNIBUS STORE or 兎座LEPUS you will receive a stamp.

  • Gather 1 stamp from both stores and you will receive an original postcard (1 of 3 designs at random).

  • Exchange with postcard is only available at AMNIBUS STORE. It can not be exchanged at 兎座LEPUS bakery, so please be careful.

  • Postcards will only be given out while supplies last.


Shop Details

Address: 〒166-0011 東京都杉並区梅里1丁目15−13
Shop Hours: 10: 00 - 19: 00 [Closed Mondays & Tuesdays]
Event Holding Period: 1/18/19 - 3/17/19

Address: 〒東京都杉並区和田3-57-6
Shop Hours: 10: 00 - 19: 00 [Closed Saturdays & Sundays]
Event Holding Period: 1/18/19 - 3/17/19

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