What are pop-up Cafés?

Collaboration Cafe (コラボレーションカフェ)

Pop-up cafés  are limited time cafés collaboration work typically based around a pop culture reference, artist, TV show, or celebrity. They are popular in Japan and gaining popularity around the world. Some cafés even start off as a limited time pop-up cafe but then end up being a permanent cafe & restaurant due to the popularity. Most cafés usually offer themed drinks & food for the occasion as well as special merchandise only offered at the café! Some even have special events that go on for a hyper-limited time within the duration of the café such as meet & greets, autograph signings, photo opportunities, performances, & more!

About Dango News...

Dango News (団子ニュース) is a place to share temporary and sometimes even permanent pop-up cafés around Japan with hopes of expanding into the hospitality & tourism industry within Japan. We hope that our articles, lists, and personal reviews about a café will aid tourists and residents alike discover new limited time options all in one place! 

We are not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the cafés listed on our site. We translate the information ourselves and compile it as a source for foreigners living and visiting Japan who'd like English information instead of endlessly searching the internet for it. Our personal reviews of said cafés when we do them are our own reviews about our experience as paying customers so please keep that in mind. 

Initially we were a much broader site including news about anime, games, and Japan as a whole as well as keeping a collective list of pop-up cafés. However that proved to be a lot of work for the minimal staffing we had so we decided to pick what we enjoyed writing about the most which was the cafe's and making a more narrower approach. 

Originally the name of the site was a toss up between Hoshi News (星ニュース)and Dango News as I wanted something sleek, sentimental and something that could easily be recognizable. Ultimately Dango won the final approval.  だんご/団子 is a Japanese dumpling and sweet made from Mochiko traditionally served in tea shops.

About the Team...

  • Victoria C. (Founder/editor)

Someone who loves hospitality and tourism especially within Japan. Limited time collaborative cafés are something I personally enjoy visiting and spreading the word about. There's always so many cafés out there it can be quite tough to keep track of them all! Either way I created this site so that it'd be easy to collect a reference of many different types of collaborative cafés and companies. 

  • Yuu (Editor)

Yuu occasionally likes to indulge others lightly with aspects from his home nation, and hopes that its traditional as well as modern culture will further engulf the planet beyond its wildfire-like popularity already seen today. Drifting about in post-adolescence, he's occasionally seen flickering in and out of spurts in activity, but usually keeps to the floor and his immediate surroundings, often times murmuring to himself, or letting a "meh" escape from his mouth - much like a certain popular Sanrio character.